Website And Mobile App UI Design

KrinkleApps is a product brand of the software company Mobile Epiphany. The client wishes to differentiate its project-based software development business from its off-the-shelf, ready-to-go product solutions. The project is a re-imagination of the overall Krinkle branding; a fresh web re-design that better communicates the sophistication of Krinkle's enterprise-level capability to the audiences, as well as the conceptual user interface to be upgraded in Krinkle's future roadmap.

The design of the brand also extends to all the sub-branding of Krinkle products, including Krinkle Closeout, Krinkle LDAR Tracker, Krinkle Fire Door, and more. Blooram provides a comprehensive go-to-marketing strategy for the Krinkle product line, from the brand design to the implementation of the marketing campaigns to lead generation.